Why this Summit?

As seen recently in the calls for genocide against India’s Muslims at a “Religious Summit” in Haridwar by leaders of the Hindu nationalist movement, the situation in India is fast deteriorating. As India’s political leadership remains silent and violence escalates, India is on the brink of genocide. Held on the 20th anniversary of the horrific communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 that killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of Indian Muslims, this Summit serves to commemorate, share, and look ahead.  If we ignore today’s warning signs, we will have to live with the consequences for evermore. Please join us as we do our utmost to prevent genocide in India. 


Prominent experts, civil society leaders, and officials from international organizations will come together to share insights from the ground and from other countries that have suffered through genocide. 

Summit Co-Chairs

The Summit is chaired by Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, and co-chaired by Dr Ritumbra Manuvie of Foundation The London Story and Mr Rasheed Ahmed of IAMC.

Summit Partners

The Summit is organized and hosted by a coalition of interfaith and human rights advocacy groups from the Indian diaspora, genocide prevention field and others committed to preventing genocide wherever it may be.


Sat, Feb 26

Commemoration and Remembrance: 20 Years after Gujarat

Sun, Feb 27

India today: On the Brink of Genocide? Insights on warning signs from other countries, and stories from the ground.

Mon, Feb 28

The Way Forward: Preventing Genocide in India

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